Vacation Rubyist Meet Wrapup

So while I was in Europe, I gave a [talk](/posts/london-ruby-users-group to the London Ruby Users Group for which I ran out of time (I was just warming up!). Someone, and I knew I should have pulled out a pad and written down his name, was kind enough to buy me a Scotch after my talk when the group went to the pub. Thank you again, kind sir.

I met with Hagen Overdick in Potsdam, and after some changed schedules that caused me to miss the München.rb meeting, I ended up meeting with Urban Hafner. I had really wanted to meet with Armin Roehrl while in München, but the aforementioned scheduling mishaps and a lack of reliable Internet access prevented that from happening. Maybe next time, because I do want to go back to München. I didn’t get to see quite enough.

Well, on the afternoon of the 27th of July for my only day in Amsteram, I checked my email and I had an email from the indomitable Erik Veenstra of RubyScript2Exe fame. The scheduling was a bit tight, but we ate at what I consider the best pannekoeken (a Dutch pancake that is the size of a small pizza and often topped similarly) restaurant in all of Amsterdam, the Pancake House. Like the other European Rubyists we met, Erik is a pleasant person with a great sense of humour and well-informed. My fiancée was charmed by all of them that she met (Hagen, Urban, and Erik) and we had a lot of fun. Anne-Marie and I were supposed to meet her sister at 9:30, but it was closer to 9:45 when we managed it because we were enjoying our discussion with Erik so much. Thanks for emailing, Erik. It was a lovely evening. Sorry it’s taken so long to write about it.

And a general thank-you to the European Rubyists that I met. I really enjoyed meeting you guys and hearing how you use Ruby. For those whom I didn’t meet, I plan on going back to Europe in a couple of years (I want to do a North American trip for holidays next year) and I hope to meet you then. Otherwise, I hope to see you at this October’s RubyConf.