Rubyists in London, Germany, Amsterdam?

I am going to be in Europe on vacation from July 8th and would love to have the opportunity to meet Rubyists from the London area, various places in Germany, and maybe around Amsterdam as well. I won’t be travelling alone and I am on vacation, so my time will be limited.

I will be landing in London mid-morning on July 8th and will be leaving for Berlin on July 11th. I will be attending the The Who concert on the night of the 12th, and picking up a car on the morning of the 13th. I may be able to meet with people in Berlin on the evening of the 11th or early afternoon on the 12th depending on my schedule. We’re probably headed to Lohr am Main (near Frankfurt) immediately, and will definitely be travelling to Munich, but will be in a lot of different places. We will be heading toward the northern Netherlands on the 24th or so and be in Amsterdam on the 27th.

I will probably have time to meet with London Rubyists on either the 9th or the 10th. My German and Dutch plans are much more flexible (of necessity), but can probably carve out some time either way. If you’re interested in meeting with me, please email me and we’ll see what we can get worked out.

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