Ruby Net::LDAP Under New Management

TL;DR: Net::LDAP for Ruby is under new management: Michael Schaarschmidt (@schaary).

Back in 2003, I registered the net-ldap project on RubyForge. I had time available, and I thought I needed LDAP for a project I was working on. As I started looking at the implementation of LDAP, I found that there were things more interesting and more pressing that I could work on. Then, as now, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to understand LDAP.

So, the net-ldap project lay fallow until May 2006, when I recruited Francis Cianfrocca (@garbagecat) to work on it. He had the experience and drive I was looking for—and he agreed with me that the API mattered and that a pure-Ruby implementation was important, rather than an extension/binding like ruby-ldap. (At the time, Ruby FFI did not exist, and I would not have wanted to use that in any case for the same reason that I didn’t want an extension.)

Francis put out a few great versions, but it was never a primary focus—and the project lay fallow for a while. I came back to the project and in 2010, I joined Rory O’Connor (@RoryO) and Kaspar Schiess (@kschiess). We made a few releases, with the last release that I was involved with being 0.3.1 in 2012.

There were a number of bugs that were not being addressed, and I finally spoke with Michael Schaarschmidt and Kenny Ortmann (@yairgo) in February, and granted them development permissions on the project. Their releases have been consistent and regular since March. They have also had Jerry Cheung (@jch) and Matt Todd (@mtodd) from GitHub join the project.

Tonight, I asked Michael to take ownership of the organization, and he accepted. I am no longer involved with Net::LDAP for Ruby, and I am happy to be passing it on Michael and the team he’s working with.

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