Mac Recipe Management Programs, Planning a Revisit

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Mostly through a couple of bundles that I’ve purchased recently, I have acquired full licences to Acacia Tree Software’s SousChef and MacGourmet Deluxe (which is, remember, MacGourmet with all of the plug-ins included).

One thing which I mentioned in the last review for MacGourmet is that it failed to import my data from Yum 2.7.4 due to a change in the XML format by the new owners of Yum1. This has, as promised, been fixed. I imported my database without problems.

SousChef, I’m happy to report, can now import from MacGourmet databases. It’s not quite the direct import that I’d like, but I have now imported my Yum database into SousChef via MacGourmet.

This leaves Yum 3.0, which I have purchased. These, to me, are the best three recipe management programs in the Mac world. I know some people love YummySoup!, but as I said in my last review I’ve never been able to warm to YummySoup!, which is too bad because it looks nice otherwise.

I’m going to be living with these recipe programs for a while and do some serious evaluation of all three. This will take a while to do, because we’re preparing to move house at the end of May and we’ve already started packing. Bon Appetit!

  1. Which, as noted, no longer exists.

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