FOSSLC Panels and Me

I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate recently to be invited to participate in two panels presented by FOSSLC and hosted by the University of Toronto.

The first panel, held on the 31st of March, was about participating in the Google Summer of Code and my experiences as a mentor. With me on the panel were Diego Novillo who works at Google on GCC; Blake Winton (@bwinton) who mentored for DrProject; Nelson Ko who mentored for Tiki Wiki; and Behdad Esfahbod (@behdadesfabod) who was in different years a student for, a mentor for, and an organizer for the GNOME Foundation. It was a lively and informative panel, and I think a lot of interesting things were said.

The second panel is what FOSSLC calls a “Leaders panel discussion”, taking place next Wednesday, the 23rd of April. I’m going to be participating with some fascinating people (not everyone is yet listed on the page) and I’m looking forward to it. The questions haven’t been decided yet, but I think that there will be interesting things said.